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Update of the 2023 real estate market in the Greater Montreal area

Since the beginning of the year, the real estate market is experiencing strong activity compared to the last months of 2022.

Success Story with Nancy Forlini (French)

Update of the Real Estate Market in the Greater Montreal area (French)

First time home buying: 5 tips I would give future buyers

One year ago, in July 2019, we were in the process of buying our first house! It’s been nine months since we moved into

Is it Risky to Purchase a House Without the Legal Warranty?

More and more homeowners are listing their properties without offering the legal warranty of quality.

6 Backyard Features that Will Help You Sell Your Home

Your home’s landscaping can tip the scales when it comes to a quick sale. What should a backyard have to charm as many buyers

Find out Why Wednesdays are so Important

How are You Moving the Needle?

Coffee or Tea with Nancy Forlini – Intro

Coffee or Tea with Nancy Forlini – Intro

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