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6 Backyard Features that Will Help You Sell Your Home

In Quebec, we like to make the most of our short summers. Which is why a home’s landscaping can tip the scales when it comes to a quick sale. What should a backyard have to charm as many buyers as possible? We have the answers you need!

1— Privacy

Potential buyers value a yard that is bordered by a mature hedge, a solid fence, bushy trees and architectural features that protect the homeowner’s privacy. Know that if the neighbours do have too clear of a view into your backyard, you can easily remedy the situation. For example, add decorative panels or create a screen with tall plants in containers to conceal certain areas. A little home staging can make a big difference!

2— Ease of Maintenance

Today, families are looking to simplify their daily lives. Which is why most buyers will be delighted with a backyard that requires little maintenance. There is one exception: the presence of a pool or spa. While some won’t want to deal with the hassle of caring for a pool or spa, for many Quebeckers they are a strong buying incentive.

3— Up to Date Landscaping

Sometimes, what potential buyers fall head over heels for in a house on the market will be the backyard. So much so that they just might forget the minor irritants inside the property! The types of exterior decor that are most likely to set their hearts aflutter usually feature trendy outdoor furniture and a sophisticated contemporary decor.

4— No Renovations Needed

A yard with a wooden balcony that needs to be stained, a shed with a collapsed roof, paving stones that need to be replaced, and a damaged above-ground pool are just some of issues that can bring the sale a home to a halt. Potential buyers prefer well maintained, turnkey landscaping.

5— A Relaxation Area

To make your backyard stand out, make sure you have at least one little idyllic corner dedicated to relaxation, such as a hammock with a small coffee table at arm lengths for cocktails, comfortable ottomans set out on the floor, lounge chairs beneath a parasol, a cozy reading area, etc. Everyone likes to have a restful space where they can bask in the sun’s warm glow!

6— Adequate Lighting for Evening Use

Buyers looking for a new home often include the ability to sit out in the backyard in the evening on their wish list. Get them to fall in love with your property with the power of light. Strings of tiny lights along a fence or around the roof of a pergola as well as lanterns on the ground will create an enchanting atmosphere. Candles on a dining table or side tables can also make the space more welcoming. Feel free to offer evening viewings to impress potential buyers with your glowing decor!

So, does your property offer one or more of these sought after features?

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