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With the Nancy Forlini Team, unity creates success!

All of us at the Nancy Forlini Team are passionate about real estate, but what’s most important to us is the ongoing satisfaction of our clients.

We have nothing to hide: the secret of our success is our terrific real estate team!
The team concept is what makes us strong… and you will benefit from that too! Learn more about the benefits of doing business with a real estate team rather than an independent broker.

A winning concept

You may have noticed that many brokers have started their own real estate team in recent years. It is indeed a business concept that is gaining popularity in the industry.
But it’s not just a trend!
Real estate teams provide many advantages for buyers and sellers, but also for the brokers themselves. The team concept makes it possible to work more efficiently and thus better serve the clientele.
Real estate teams are the way to go!

Specialized personnel

What makes a team successful is the combination of strengths each member brings to the table. Each
member of our team is a specialist in one aspect of a real estate transaction. Here is an overview of our own office:

– Client care specialist: This is the first person you speak to when calling our office. They direct calls and emails, answer clients’ questions, note appointments and assist other team members in the daily management of the office.

– Listing specialist: This person takes care of putting your property up for sale on the market. They write attractive descriptions and enter all the data related to your property. They have an extraordinary attention to detail and know real estate IT systems inside out. They are also responsible for planning open houses.

– Marketing manager: It is thanks to this person that buyers find out about your property. They are responsible for promoting properties for sale on the agency’s website, social media, newspapers and other forms of advertising. For example, they also create special promotional material such as flyers to distribute by mail.

– Visit coordinator: This person is the intermediary between the brokers and the selling clients to coordinate visits. They contact both parties to schedule the visits at a time that is convenient for everyone.

– Brokers: In addition to support staff, our team obviously includes real estate brokers. They may specialize in a certain type of property (commercial, residential, condos) or even in a geographic area.

Efficiency at all levels

Having specialized staff at your service is a win for everyone!
All team members are experts in their work. Each task is therefore performed by someone who knows more about it than anyone else, which is why the work is always done quickly and well.
Since our team has 19 people, we can serve more customers without reducing the quality of our service. Thanks to our proven methods, we communicate with each other more quickly and can support each other to do our work more efficiently.
This is enough to satisfy all of our clients – even the most demanding ones!

Brokers in the field

Clients are often disappointed with the lack of availability from their broker. It is not surprising if you are dealing with a single broker who must manage their sales contracts, make appointments, take care of advertising for their clients as well as their agency, organize open houses, recruit new clients, update their website and much more…
Brokers working as a team have colleagues who support them in all these tasks. They can therefore focus on what you have asked them to do: find the home that will suit your needs and sell your property faster, at the best price!

Better results

Here is how a real estate team can bring you satisfactory results:

– We have extra staff that works in collaboration with the brokers, which means you will not have to wait as long for the necessary documents or for a return call.
– Our team has a larger network of potential buyers in the real estate industry, so we can find the ideal buyer for your property faster.
– A team sells more properties thanks to the actions of its many brokers. It generates more income and, by extension, has more means to promote your property to the greatest possible number of potential buyers.
– The intensity of our presence in Montreal means that we attract more interested buyers, which can help sell your house at a higher price.

In summary, there is nothing but advantages to using a real estate team!
Your only regret will be not having thought about it earlier.

Call us today at 514-900-6638 for a personalized appointment.

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