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Integri-T Program

Sometimes your property has problems without your knowledge when it comes to selling your home. Mold, water seepage and cracks are just a few examples of damage that are hidden defects. Consequence: a buyer could then sue you.       

Fortunately, RE / MAX broker clients (of which Nancy Forlini is one) benefit from exclusive protection: 

the Integra-T program.
What is the Integra-T program?
Here are the benefits of the Integra-T program:                   

      • Program: The sale of your property through the Integr-T building quality guarantee gives you many advantages. Realize your transaction without fearing the consequences of a recourse hidden defect.
      • Coverage: The amount of coverage is $ 40,000. The duration of the hidden vice cover is one year and can be increased to three years for the major vice.
      • Eligibility: Exclusively residential buildings are eligible.
      • Sellers: Facilitate your transaction thanks to the Integr-T building quality guarantee.
      • Buyers: Transact with confidence.
      • Complaints: Despite the vigilance of the qualifying visit, if a defect is discovered, you will take advantage of the support.

This text is adapted in part from this document.    

Intégri-T is a quality guarantee plan for the building exclusive to RE / MAX Québec. The program is offered in collaboration with Warranty ACQ Housing.    

To learn more about the Integra-T program and to make sure you’re eligible, contact Nancy Forlini today.

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