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Divorce and real estate: eight questions to ask yourself

Divorce involves some emotional difficulties and important financial decisions that need to be managed. One of the most important decisions concerns your home.

In the emotional whirlwind and material worries of a divorce, you mostly need clear, precise and unbiased answers about your property. Once you know what’s going to happen with the mortgage, the taxes, and all the home-related issues, making the decision will be easier.

Here are some things to consider:

      • Do you want to continue living in the house?
      • Will the familiar neighborhood bring you some kind of comfort, or rather painful memories?
      • Do you want to minimize the upheaval by staying there or moving to the place that will be the symbol of a new beginning for you?

The financial implications must be considered in the decision-making process:

      • What can you pay?
      • Can you take over the house with your “new” budget?
      • Can you reopen your mortgage and negotiate a refinance?
      • Is it better to sell and buy something else?
      • What do you think you can buy with your new means?

Only you can answer these questions. Regardless of your answers, experienced brokers like Nancy Forlini and her team can help you make informed real estate decisions that will fit your new situation.

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