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The challenges of inspection

Home buyers want to know the interior and exterior of your home. While homebuyers are as unique as the homes they plan to buy, all they share is the desire to ensure that the home they own is as safe as it is below the surface.

      • Will there be water leaks from the roof?
      • Does the electrical installation present a danger?
      • Is the piping in good condition?

You can do a pre-inspection yourself if you know what you are looking for. However, buyers who are interested in purchasing your home will seek professional help to inspect the property inside out.

According to industry professionals, there are at least 33 physical issues that will be looked at during a home inspection. If they are not identified and dealt with quickly, they could cost you a lot of money … and potential buyers.

Contact Nancy Forlini and her team to prepare for your inspection and sell your property hassle-free.

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