Villeray - Saint-Michel - Parc-Extension

 Villeray – Saint-Michel – Parc-Extension, located in the center-east part of the city, is a warm and welcoming borough. Being one of the most multicultural sectors, it can be considered a micro-society in Montreal.

Real estate in Villeray –Saint-Michel – Parc-Extension

These three neighbourhoods may seem more different than alike, but one commonality that defines them is undoubtedly their highly family-friendly orientation. From a residential point of view, they are also similar; Multiplexes and apartment buildings are very common, but in some areas, there are also single-family homes and condominiums of different sizes.

Hobbies and lifestyle

The sense of community and the pride of its residents are very present; one of the events where they show it is Volunteers’ Day, an annual celebration that highlights the commitment of more than 500 local volunteers. The main arteries that cross the neighbourhood are Jarry, Jean-Talon, Papineau and Iberville. With seven metro stations, several bus lines and Highway 40, getting around is easy.

About Villeray

Villeray is probably the most peaceful of the three districts. It is known for the majestic trees that line its streets as well as Parc Jarry. It is also in this same park, at Uniprix Stadium, that Canada’s annual tennis tournament, the Rogers Cup, takes place. This neighbourhood is also the one with the youngest population. Strollers are part of the common landscape, as are fashion boutiques and cafes.

About St. Michael

Saint-Michel is home to a green space you won’t see anywhere else in the city: the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex. Formerly a quarry, it has been redeveloped into a site that is not only dedicated to the environment, but also to culture, sport, industry and commerce. There is already a linear park, a bike path, an indoor skateboard park as well as TOHU, the circus arts center of North America.

About Parc-Extension

Parc-Extension is a small area, but very colourful and affordable. It also benefits from a central location. In fact, the sector can be considered a well-hidden gem. It is almost untouched by condo developments and other signs of gentrification. The area is known for its delicious restaurants that reflect very well the diversity of its population.

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