Homebuyers want to know the inside and the outside of your home. Although homebuyers are as unique as the homes they plan to buy, the only thing they share is the desire to make sure their home is as good as it is beneath the surface.

  • Will there be water leaks from the roof?
  • Is the electrical installation a danger?
  • Is the piping in good condition?

You can do a pre-inspection yourself if you know what you're looking for. However, buyers who are interested in buying your home will seek professional help to inspect the property in every nook and cranny.

According to industry professionals, there are at least 33 physical problems that will be examined during a home inspection. If they are not identified and processed quickly, they could cost you a lot of money ... and potential buyers.

Contact Nancy Forlini and her team to prepare you for your inspection and sell your property without hassle.

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